Episode 18: Batman vs Superman

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James Breakwell and Steve Olivas use their super power for petty arguments to debate who’s the greater super hero, Batman or Superman. There can only be one.   Listen on iTunes      

Episode 17: Bottles vs Cans

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What’s the right way to drink beer, in a can or in a bottle? Steve Olivas and James “Exploding Unicorn” Breakwell get to the bottom of the debate and a few bottles.   Listen on iTunes      

Episode 15: Wine vs Beer

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Which is better, beer or wine? Grab a bottle and pull up a chair while Steve Olivas and James “Exploding Unicorn” Breakwell duke it out.   Listen on iTunes      

Episode 13: Twitter vs Facebook

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Which social network is the best social network? Steve Olivas and James “Exploding Unicorn Breakwell” don’t have the answer, but they argue like they do anyway.   Listen on iTunes      

Lola Breakwell

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My wife Lola and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary this month. People are intensely curious about the mother of my children, mostly because they assume she doesn’t exist. I’ve never posted her picture, and honestly how likely is it … Continued

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