My Password is “Password”

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The greatest threat on the Internet isn’t a virus or an unsolicited picture of some dude’s man parts; it’s the password intended to keep me safe. Thanks to the false sense of security that code provides, I upload sensitive financial … Continued

The 7 Worst Babysitters

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This might sound weird, but sometimes my wife Lola wants to leave the house. It’s like she forgets she goes out more than 40 hours a week for her job. Lola, however, insists we venture into public when we aren’t … Continued

Why Tall People are Better

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My wife Lola thinks it’s unfair how society discriminates against short people in favor of the tall. As usual, she’s completely wrong. From a strictly objective standpoint, tall people are superior in every way and deserve all the advantages they … Continued

Am I Old Yet?

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I have some terrible news: I might be an adult. The test results won’t be in for days, but the early indicators aren’t good. Last weekend I spent four hours test driving minivans. Something about measuring if three car seats … Continued

Get Bent, Lent

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Lent is finally here. For Protestants, that means nothing, but for me and my fellow Catholics, it’s 40 days of misery and despair. Roughly 2,000 years ago, Jesus spent some time in the desert, and for some reason that means … Continued

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