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I’m Internet famous. It’s like being real-life famous, but with none of the perks and all of the drawbacks. Buzzfeed recently ran an article about my Twitter account. When they told me they planned to do it, I didn’t get … Continued

Baby Number Whatever

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My wife Lola gave birth yesterday. No this isn’t a repeat, even though it feels like I’ve shared that exact news sixteen or seventeen times now. Even I’m not clear on exactly how many kids I have at this point. … Continued

30 Perks of Turning 30

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Several months ago I was caught off-guard by a devastating life event: I turned 30. A smarter man might have seen this coming – 30 has been lurking between 29 and 31 since at least the 1970s  – but I’ve … Continued

Google This

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Google recently made headlines when it changed its logo from the word “Google” to the word “Google” in a slightly different font. Personally, I think it’s better to let font changes go unnoticed. The only way I got through college … Continued

Third Time’s the Charm

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I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I did a headcount and discovered I have three children. My previous tallies only came up with two, so either my math has gotten worse or my offspring have become more numerous. Both … Continued

How to Party Like an Adult

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My friends are all younger than me. The shocking part of that sentence is I have “friends,” plural. Technically, any number greater than one counts, so I meet the minimum requirements with my one and a half close acquaintances. I’m … Continued

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