In this intensely unimportant podcast, I passionately argue with my co-host, psychologist Steve Olivas (@steveolivas), about controversial topics that don’t matter at all.


“Beer: Bottles vs Cans”


“Baseball vs Football”


“Wine vs Beer”


“Vanilla vs Chocolate”


“Twitter vs Facebook”


“Showering: Morning or Evening”


“Men’s Wallets: Front or Back Pocket”


“Cake vs Pie”


“Scrambled vs Fried Eggs”


“Rolled vs Folded Socks”


“Sharks vs Bears”


“The Proper Way to Eat an Oreo”


“Is It Okay to Pee in the Shower?”


“Cats vs Dogs!”


“Pinneapple on Pizza?”


“Ketchup on Hot Dogs?”


“Toilet Paper Overhand or Underhand?”