James Breakwell is a professional comedy writer and amateur father of four girls, ages seven and under. He is best known for his family humor Twitter account @XplodingUnicorn, which boasts more than 950,000 followers. The account went viral In April 2016 and transformed James from a niche comedy writer into one of the most popular dads on social media.

Since becoming internet famous, James has been profiled by USA Today, US Weekly, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Upworthy, The Chive, Bored Panda, 9gag, College Humor, various ABC and Fox TV news affiliates, and countless other TV, radio, and internet outlets. Pictures of his smiling girls have been displayed in newspapers as far away as India. His articles have appeared in Reader’s Digest, The Federalist, and AskMen. He has been a guest multiple times on HLN’s The Daily Share.

Closer Magazine named James its 2016 Blogger Dad of the Year. In 2017, he was a finalist for a Shorty Award in the parenting category.

James writes more than just family jokes. His Star Wars parody account @VeryLonelyLuke went viral in December 2015 and now has more than 350,000 followers. Combined with James’ verified Facebook page, Instagram account, and other various comedy Twitter accounts, James has a total reach of more than 1.5 million followers. He also draws more than a million combined monthly page views through his three daily webcomics, Unbelievably Bad, Unfridgeworthy, and Wombat Dojo.

On the publishing front, James is scheduled to release his first book with BenBella Books in October 2017. Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is a mash-up of a traditional parenting advice book and a zombie survival guide, bringing together two totally unrelated genres in a comedy book no one asked for but everyone needs.

James is represented by Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media Group. He is open to advertising and writing inquiries.