Book Two of The Chosen Twelve Series

Release Date:

June 18, 2024

Where to Order:

Main Street Books / Second Flight Books (Indie Bookstore, US only)


Barnes and Noble


Indigo (Canada)


Isolated and alone, the last twelve humans, all of them children, scramble to create a new civilization on the alien island that is now their home—and prison—for the rest of time. Waylaid on all sides by hostile aquatic lifeforms that emerge from the deadly waters every night, the dozen survivors fight under the guidance of their de facto leader, Delta, who led the insurrection against the children’s robot overlords just days before. But even as the twelve struggle against the planet—and each other—to build their new society, the yolk of their digital oppressors has not been lifted. SCASL, leader of all robot kind, downloaded himself onto the lander and now controls all critical systems, like the cloner, needed to terraform the island with animals and plants, and the immortality chamber, necessary to keep the children alive long enough to gain a toehold on the planet for all of humankind. With their immortality injections delayed by the landing and the battle against SCASL, the “children” age for the first time after decades stuck at the biological age of twelve. It’s hard to know what’s the biggest threat: the sea monsters, the devious artificial intelligence, or puberty. The stage is set for an epic struggle that will determine the future of all sentient life.